Alpha Group was founded in 2005 and is one of the leading hedge fund groups in Israel. The funds portfolio managers have established reputations and many years of experience investing in the equity markets.


Alpha utilizes a structured long term investment philosophy based on fundamental bottom-up analysis of equities.

Alpha's client base include institutional investors (pension funds, provident funds, universities and high net worth local and foreign investors.



Alpha Group manages three funds:


Alpha Value 1 LP is a private fund. The fund makes long term investments in small-cap Israeli companies, primarily in the industrial and services sectors.


Alpha Opportunities LP is a hedge fund that invests in public companies using a value investment approach and long/ short trades to lower volatility and risk. In addition the fund incorporates event driven strategies which identify market mispricings and triggers for price appreciation.


Alpha Australia Unit Trust is an Australian domiciled unit trust that invests in publicly traded Israeli companies traded both in Israel and foreign markets, uses both Value and Growth strategies.








Alpha - Long Term Investments